Why Outdoor Quest?

Our lives are collections of stories, and every good story starts with a Quest!

Recipe for happiness:

Provide all the ingredients

A Quester


A place to go


A real reason to go there

You name it

Challenges and trials en route

Choose your level

What is all this about?

Outdoor Quest is a family owned and operated company based near Barcelona. This is a region marked by the Pyrenees and some of the world best climbing spots, but it is also the perfect hub to reach any place in the world. It’s a setup that practically cries out for adventure. At Outdoor Quest, we make that adventure possible.

In both our quests and courses, our focus is always on you, our guest. Our deep, local knowledge and flexible approach enables us to personalize your trip for a truly unique experience. Beyond adventure, we give you the opportunity to make unexpected and inspiring discoveries both on the mountain and within yourself.

So, summarizing: We organize outdoor adventures and we design them around you, in order to make them tailored experiences delivered with quality and passion. With this in mind anything is possible:

  • From local activities to international expeditions
  • For individuals, groups and businesses.

The added value is in the details


We bring you to remote places to discover untamed beauty, to find challenges and to recover contact with yourselves.


We are at your disposal to answer any questions with the best treatment, and adapt our activities to your tastes and needs.


We provide and promote a high standard of sustainability and conservation in all our activities to maintain and respect the environment.

We care

At Outdoor Quest, we work to keep the wilderness wild by promoting Leave No Trace principals, and practice what we preach. We always leave the landscape in better shape than we found it, and help teach future generations to do the same.

We follow the Leave no trace principals to maintain and respect the environment by promoting responsibility, sustainability and conservation within all our activities. Additionally, we recommend you to take a moment to read the Wilderness Guides Association code of ethics.

A quest is a journey towards a specific goal where the traveller learns or experiences something new.

Want to meet the team?

Get in touch to join us in any of our quests, trainings or to propose your own ideas.