The Team

It’s all about enjoying the journey

Marti Berini

Thinkerer Guide

Marti’s grandfather taught him to climb and to love the outdoors. At first, it was just a hobby but eventually it became a passion. Now he is a Wilderness Guide, Ski instructor and an Engineer when needed. Marti tries to be in the mountains whenever possible to discover beautiful corners of the world. He is enthusiastic on every adventure to let others experience the mountains.

Marta Piqué

Creative Guide

Martas first date with the outdoors was more than 10 years ago on a climbing session, and on that same spot she discovered her passion. Since then, she hasn’t stopped discovering new activities, breathtaking places and awesome people to share her passion with. If you don’t catch sight of her in the mountains you will find her designing some cool UI/UX experience, restoring old furniture or painting.

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